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Iron Horse Consulting, LLC dba IHC’s domestic & global reach provides our clients with extensive investigative experience in identifying and evaluating product information; vetting business histories, suppliers, and resources for publicly traded companies through a full range of investigative services and executive solutions. IHC uses multi-source information collection as building blocks to help identify risks, conflicts, and disputes that could threaten a company’s reputation, their employees, and return on investment.

In today’s business environment, industry leaders perform top-to-bottom reviews to ensure compliance and identify & mitigate risk, ethical standards, and business practices in keeping with their company requirements. Regulators and investors expect companies to know their supply chains fluently, as well as delayed shipments, productivity, and suppliers’ financial issues that may affect the company’s bottom line and reputation. IHC’s detailed investigative process provides our clients with independent due diligent reviews for policy conflicts, IT Network forensics for post and pre-breach rapid analysis risk assessments, and inefficiencies that place your company at risk.

IHC provides training for Corporate Executives and U.S. Government personnel in security awareness, personnel recovery and the unique threats faced by personnel operating and traveling overseas.

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