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The theft of intellectual property and corporate espionage has become big business, with $500 billion in raw innovation stolen from U.S. companies each year. An insider threat is most simply defined as a security threat that originates from within the organization being attacked or targeted, often by an employee or officer of an organization or enterprise. An insider threat does not have to be a present employee or stakeholder, but also can be a former employee, board member, or anyone who at one time had access to proprietary or confidential information from within an organization or entity. IHC’s services provide the essentials to protect your company, beginning with security assessments, compliance audits, IT & cyber audits, IT Network forensics for post and pre-breach rapid analysis and assessments of on-premise and or cloud stored data, internal investigations, and litigation support. If you do not have the proper measure in place, discovering criminal activity is is difficult, 82% of breaches discovered are by third parties. Have you taken the right steps to identify and mitigate risk?


When the smart thinking begins, our clients realize that it’s not whether they will be attacked, but when. Once they realize that threats will come, we help them understand where to begin. Our experience fighting asymmetric global terrorism, global criminal organizations, and economic espionage has shaped our approach in finding where the conspiracy begins and assessing the emerging threat vectors. By uncovering the conspiracy, you would understand and stop the threat before it becomes realized. Today, IHC’s team is quietly disrupting the traditional reactive approach to investigations and has established ourselves as a thought leader in the arena of proactive intelligence. We also have forged ahead technologically by excelling via comprehensive data collection among the Surface Web, Social Media, Dark Web, and Peer-2-Peer domains. We survey the clear net (aka Surface web) and social media, but uniquely combine proprietary search engines to collect and analyze otherwise inaccessible recesses of the Dark Web and P2P global file sharing networks. IHC’s team quietly and without attribution surveys and indexed terabytes of meaningful intelligence including social media data, public records, files, and postings while maintaining a persistent stare across thousands of forums directly contributing to the threats.


IHC currently supports the U.S. Court-appointed Stanford Receivership with financial investigative consultant services for the Stanford Financial Group’s civil case, the World’s Second Largest Ponzi Scheme to date. IHC’s services include financial crime investigations, anti-money laundering, asset tracing, forensic computer audits, interviews, cyber investigations, and civil litigation support.


IHC currently manages Panthera Training’s U.S. Department of Justice PREP contract, designed to train U.S. Government personnel in security awareness, personnel recovery and the unique threats faced by personnel operating and traveling overseas.